Philip Bloom Pits the Canon 5D Mark III Against the Nikon D800 and D4 0

If you’re gearing up to purchase your very first DSLR, then you might get caught up in the whole Canon versus Nikon debate. Each manufacturer has thousands upon thousands of photographers who are loyal to the brand they’re partial to, and they’ll try to sway your decision and convince you to follow suit at every turn.

Of course, you should always take their advice and what they say in the forums with a grain of salt. What you should remember instead is this: Performance matters more than mere opinion or brand loyalty. What works for one pro might not work for you, so it’s best that you do your own research and test out whichever camera brand you’re considering buying into.

In the meantime though, you can check out the Canon versus Nikon DSLR shootout by Philip Bloom. He covers differences in  resolution, aliasing, low-light, and features three of the top cameras currently on the market: the 5D Mark III from Canon, and the D800 and D4 from Nikon.

Bloom offers side-by-side comparisons for both sets of cameras, which will impart some great knowledge that you can then use when you drop by your local camera store.