Phase One Reveals $43,990 IQ280 Digital Back With 80 Megapixel Sensor 0

High-end, medium format camera systems maker Phase One, which also sells photo-editing softwares, has recently announced three new Wi-Fi capable digital backs in their lineup: the IQ280, IQ260, and IQ260 Achromatic.


Being a new digital back, the $43,990 IQ280 still sports the same 80MP as that of the IQ180. However, the new system features an improved 13-stop dynamic range, slightly higher than the 12.5 stops on its predecessor. While the IQ260 comes with a 60MP sensor and a price tag of $36,990. And the IQ260 Achromatic, which is the most expensive among the new IQ2 series at $44,990, shoots only black-and-white images — similar to a Leica M Monochrome camera.


These digital backs are image sensors that are specifically designed to mount on Phase One or Mamiya camera bodies. With such a device, users can do different tasks like moving the shutter or gauging exposure. Phase Once digital backs are made for professional photographers who takes photos of architecture, cars, fashion models, and jewelry.

The IQ280, IQ260, and IQ260 Achromatic are all remotely controllable via Wi-Fi using the iOS software Capture Pilot from Phase One.