Phase One Releases Version 1.2 of Media Pro 0

Managing and transferring your photos from your camera to your computer for post-processing can quickly become a mess in the absence of an efficient and effective photo managing program. For personal use, I think the Adobe Carousel might prove to be adequate–that is, if you just want to sync your photos between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But if you’re looking for a more powerful photo managing tool, you could give the Media Pro by Phase One a go.

Media Pro 1.2

Media Pro is described as “a powerful photography assistant that will supercharge the way you find, organize, and share your images and videos wherever your files are stored.” It works on both Windows or Mac and can process and organize thousands of photos quickly.

Version 1.2 of the software has now been released, which provides support for additional cameras when using the included renderer. Fixes that users encountered on both platforms were also addressed and fixed. Below you’ll find the complete list of upgrades and changes in this version released:

  • Better support for exporting annotations/metadata to XMP sidecars;
  • Now, catalog sets, custom fields and hierarchical keywords may be exported to XMP sidecars so they will always be included when extracting metadata;
  • Two new general preferences increase the flexibility of importing annotations/metadata;
  • Now people and event annotations/metadata also map according to the IPTC-Extended definition.
  • More camera support: supports images from additional cameras when using the Phase One renderer.
  • Bugfixes on Mac: fixed an issue with Import Items > From Camera for German language.
  • Bugfixes on Windows: Fixed an issue with the crash reporter not always appearing correctly.

Media Pro is available for download for 199 USD and 139 EUR on Phase One’s online store.

If you’ve been using the software, what is your experience with it?

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