Pet’s View Camera Concept Lets You See What Your Pets See 0

Pets are a huge part of the lives of people who have them. They’ve become more than just “pets” per se–they’re also a member of the family, regarded more as a “someone” than a “something.” In connection with this, the Pet’s View camera is definitely one concept that gives these two statements new meaning.

As people, we’re fond of capturing memories and moments by taking pictures of them. The Pet’s View gives pets the same opportunity, and all they have to do is wear it around their necks. The camera is equipped with a sensor that detects your pet’s heartbeat; when it changes pace, a shot is taken, capturing a moment that triggered the emotion from your pet.

Pets View

Pet owners can then view the shots by plugging Pet’s View into their computer. The cool thing is, the camera also doubles as a collar, so you can put your pet’s name and your phone number so people can track you down if they find your pet.

If the Pet’s View, which had been worn by the pet, would be plugged into the USB port of PC, it is possible to see the photographs, which show how the pet saw, felt, and through from its viewpoint. The pet-master can recollect the whole life of the pet and the memories with it by the photographs.¬†

Pet’s View is a fantastic idea to further strengthen the bond between the master and the pet. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat or a dog, because the camera works well with both either way.

Pet’s View is a camera concept designed by pet-loving designer¬†Jaehwa Lee.

[Yanko Design]