Pentax Reveals Lens Roadmap for 645 and Q mounts 0

Pentax previously published the 2012-2013 roadmap for their K-mount lenses. The reveal came after the release of the Pentax K-01 interchangeable lens camera. Now they have released the lens roadmap for the Pentax 645 and Q mounts.

Pentax 645 Lens Roadmap

The roadmap reveals several new lenses that will be announced in 2013 or later, including new wide lenses (24-45mm), standard lenses (45-90mm), and tele-photo zoom lenses (90-200mm).

The D-FA 645 90mm F2.8 has already been announced in a news post by Pentax Germany a few days ago. This short portrait telephoto lens was designed for the Pentax 645D, but it will also cover the full 645 film image circle.


Pentax Q Mount Lens Roadmap

Meanwhile, the Pentax Q mount roadmap reveals that the manufacturer has more new lenses in the works, including a new 80-300mm telephoto and 15-35mm wide zooms, a telephoto prime and a mount cap lens.


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