Pentax K-01 Mirrorless Camera Leaks, Barely 0

A few different rumors have been brought forth focusing on Pentax including, but not limited to, a full frame DSLR. For now we’ll save that story for later and instead focus on the Pentax K-01; a mirrroless camera whose details were leaked earlier this month. However, at the time of the leak all we were notified of was the hardware specs included within the camera and not what it would actually look like.



If you’re for some reason obsessed with the K-01 and want to soak in every bit of information that you can, today seems to be your lucky day.  A picture of the Pentax K-01 has leaked. When I say a picture, I don’t actually mean a picture of the entire camera but instead an incredible small sliver of a picture which we’ve included for your viewing pleasure above.

Of course, while this doesn’t really serve much of a purpose, it at least does help further prove that the Pentax K-01 does in fact exist. However, when we will see it be announced remains a question. Forthcoming is a conference set to go down in Japan starting on February 9th dubbed the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show. Nothing official has been said thus far but all fingers are pointing towards the Pentax K-01 being announced during this conference. Stay tuned.