Paypal Here – How to Avoid Waiting Months for Client Payments 0

Here at TogTech, we’re always on the look out for new gadgets that can help make your life as a photographer easier and more efficient.

And in tune with that purpose, PayPal has introduced PayPal Here, a smartphone app with a mobile credit card reader. Yes, it’s like Square.

To be competitive, PayPal created the new app to be much more than Square. Aside from just accepting credit card payments using your smartphone, PayPal Here has a feature that can accept payments simply by scanning cards or checks using your smartphone’s camera.

PayPal Here will be available in the following countries

If you think that’s already cool enough, wait until you hear this: you can use PayPal Here to pay anyone using just your phone. With almost everyone having a PayPal account, I think this is the most powerful feature that the app has.

So with that said, this is a must-have gadget for photographers who are always on the go and need to have transactions paid on the spot.

PayPal Here is already available for iPhone users and will soon cater to Android smartphones as well.