ParaShoot: ‘World’s Smallest Wearable HD Smart Video Camera’ 0

Holding a smartphone or tablet in the air just to record a video is kind of a tiring experience — for your arms, that is — don’t you think? If you agree, then a small wearable camera could do some justice for this kind of dilemma.

This is where a tiny shooter like the ParaShoot becomes handy. The ParaShoot is a Kickstarter project started by a duo from New York, Matt Sandy and Colin Glaum. ¬†They’ve made the device because they want you to “be the videographer of your life.”

Similar to the Memoto, the ParaShoot is designed to be wearable on your neck. It’s being marketed by its creators as the world’s smallest HD camera. It comes with a 720HD video resolution, built-in audio microphone, neck strap, microSD card for storage, wireless 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, and two 600mAh Li-ion batteries (one is spare).


You can also use your mobile device as a viewfinder by using the ParaShoot app. All footage can be wirelessly uploaded to ParaShoot servers.

Custom ParaShoot cover plates are available to make your device more stylish than other life-logging cameras.


The ParaShoot’s Kickstarter goal is $260,000. If you want to record your life in HD using the ParaShoot, you can help move the project by pledging at least $149.

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