Panasonic to deliver a “very high-end” Micro Four Thirds camera; big players joining in 0

Just last week, Olympus launched their much-hyped Micro Four Thirds (MFT) camera: the OM-D E-M5. With that announcement, it seems that the new OM-D camera has set a new standard in the MFT category and what Panasonic Director Ichiro Kitao recently revealed in an interview with Amateur Photographer (AP).

Kitao, who is Panasonic’s director of digital stills camera business, says:

“I want Panasonic to be known for very high-quality cameras, and we are currently restructuring the range of products that we offer to include a very high-end model.”

Although, Kitao said that Panasonic has no plans in offering a much larger sensor than it currently has.

Mirrorless gets more crowd

Panasonic should up the ante with their MFT cameras if they don’t want to get behind the race. And it’s not just because of the new Olympus OM-D, but also Nikon, who entered the mirrorless camera segment last year with their Nikon 1 series.

If that wasn’t enough, Canon is also expected to join the compact system camera battleground. When that time comes, the mirrorless camera market should get a little more exciting. What do you think?