Panasonic teases Micro Four Thirds 12-35mm F2.8 and 35-100mm F2.8 concept lenses 8

A couple of concept lenses were showcased by Panasonic in their booth at the recent CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two lenses, which are designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras, are the Panasonic Lumix Vario X 12-35mm F2.8 and 35-100mm F2.8.

The large-aperture zoom lenses are mockups and were labeled “concept lens” at the Panasonic stand. A roadmap was also shown next to the lenses which outlines the company’s plan to manufacture ‘X’ grade zoom lens. Although, the maximum apertures for the lenses are not yet known.

Arrival of both lenses are expected to be later this year.

On the same note, Sigma also announced at CES 2012 their new lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system: the 19mm F2.8 EX DN and 30mm F2.8 EX DN lenses.