Panasonic outs five new Lumix compact cameras at CES 2012 0

Aside from showcasing the Lumix Wi-Fi prototype, Panasonic also announced five new Lumix compact cameras at CES 2012.

The latest Panasonic cameras are Lumix FH6 and FH8, Lumix SZ7 and SZ1, and Lumix S2. The point-and-shoot cameras consist of features like Mega OIS optical image stabilisation, iA intelligent automatic mode, 10x zoom lenses, and f/2.5 apertures.

The Lumix FH6 features a 14MP sensor, 720p video recording with Motion JPeg codec format, and a 2.7-inch display monitor. While the FH8 has a 16MP sensor, the same 720p video recording but in MP4 format, and a larger monitor at 3 inches. Both cameras have Leica zoom lenses at f/2.5-6.4 over 24 to 120 mm.

Panasonic FH8

The Lumix SZ7 and SZ1 both feature a 3-inch monitor and Leica lens with 10x zoom at f/3.1-5.9 over 25 to 250 mm. The SZ7 packs a 14MP MOS sensor with 1080 HD video and is capable of taking 3D photos, while the SZ1 has a 16MP CCD sensor with 720p video.

Panasonic SZ7

The last camera is the Lumix S2, which is marketed by Panasonic as a budget camera. It features a 14MP CCD sensor with 4x zoom lens at f/3.1-6.5 over 28-112 mm.

Panasonic S2

Prices for all five cameras are yet to be announced by Panasonic.

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