Panasonic GF5 Announcement Coming on April 5th? 0

Rumors have been circulating about a new camera from Panasonic dubbed the GF5. We first heard of this camera just a few days ago when a Chinese celebrity by the name of Angelababy posted a picture of the camera on her Instagram account (viewable above). At the time, all we had to go on was the said Instagram picture and a few leaked specs, with release or even announcement dates still shrouded in mystery.

Luckily, it seems that the veil has been lifted, with the most recent reports giving us some indication as to when Panasonic may be coming forth to announce this camera. According to the reports, the Panasonic GF5 will be announced on April 5th of this year – a bit over a week from the time of this posting. Furthermore, these reports also suggest that Panasonic will officially release the camera on April 26th, at which point consumers the world over will be able to get their hands on it.

In terms of leaked specs, things are still a bit shallow. As we told you previously, the Panasonic GF5 is said to feature a 12 megapixel sensor, inproved signal to noise ratio (over the G3), a maximum IOS of 12,800, the capability to autofocus in a mere 0.09 seconds, and a touch screen LCD complete  920k dots and a brand new touch-optimized interface.

Sound good? We would say so as well. Stay tuned as we look to uncover more details on the Panasonic GF5 leading up to its rumored April 5th debut.