Padcaster iPad DSLR Lens Mount Now Available Starting at $149 0

When originally released in April of 2010, many applauded the iPad for its ease of use while others criticized it for being quite limited. In 2011 when the iPad 2 rolled around many of those woes were put to rest as the new device featured a camera; one of the most highly sought after additions that didn’t make it into the first iteration. However, while the iPad 2 added a camera into the mix (making it easy to video chat via Skype) the thought of holding the monstrous device up to snag a picture seemed – and remains- quite ridiculous. Regardless, if you’re someone who uses their iPad as a camera and wants to beef up the quality considerably, the Padcaster may be for you.

Much like most other tablets, smartphones or camera-equipped-mobile-devices, the iPad does not come with the ability to swap out lenses. Again, why exactly you would want to swap out a lens on a tablet, we aren’t sure, but we’re going to remain open minded about this one. Padcaster looks to bring just that feature to the iPad with their DSLR lens mount/case combo, pictured above. Not only will you be able to attach a lens to the tablet but you’ll also be able to attach a wide array of other accessories including lighting, microphones and more.

Starting at $149 for the Padcaster case and $189 for the case+ Lenscaster combo, this product is definitely catering to a very limited niche. For example, their marketing campaign touches on the fact that you’ll essentially be able to plan, film and produce all on the same device. Definitely a lofty assumption, considering it’s a tablet with a 5 megapixel sensor and not a high powered DSLR/Mac Pro combo, but it may come in handy for those looking to quickly snap shots and get them uploaded.