Owl 360 Rear View Bike Camera Lets You See What’s Behind You 0

If you bike frequently, then you know how important it is to keep your eyes on the road. But if you’re biking in a place with no bike lanes, then you might have to check behind you sometimes. You know, just in case a car’s getting too close and you might have to step up on the pedaling or something.

There are a lot of concept products that have been proposed, like bike rear sensors and alarm systems. And then there’s the Owl 360, which isn’t a concept, but an actual product.

Owl 360

The Owl 360 gives you stereoscopic vision. And while you can’t turn you head a full 180 degrees like the owl can, this rear view bike camera can. The Owl 360 is intended to be mounted below your rear seat, so you might have to find another place to put your tool bag.

The Owl 360 comes with a rechargeable battery that can show you what’s behind you for five hours. As expected, the entire system is weatherproof and IR sensitive so you can still use for night rides. The Owl retails for $180 and is available for pre-order on their site.

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