Outex Wants To Transform Your DSLR As Ultimate Action Sports Camera 0

We’re all used to seeing underwater camera housings as hard, transparent cases that protects DSLR cameras from water. But the Outex is a unique protective gear because it defies the “standard” with its malleable form factor. The camera accessory itself is not new, but they’ve recently started a Kickstarter project for the new big Outex LCD viewfinder window called the “Big O”.


A standard Outex protects your DSLR camera from water of up to 10 meters (33 feet), mud, snow, dirt, and sand. Unlike hard cases, the flexible Outex is designed to fit with different cameras and lenses.


The “Big O”, on the other hand, is something new from the makers of Outex.

“We originally planned to develop a separate camcorder lineup focused on video, but quickly realized we’re better served by an SLR video solution since so much video capture has migrated to SLR cameras instead. The “Big O” is that solution! The video/LCD viewfinder serves both still and video markets, adheres to the modularity of our Outex system, and increases functionality and use.”

If you’re still at a lost on what Outex really does, then watch the video below:

Various Outex covers are available for purchase at Outex’s official website. Price starts at around $50. If you want to help fund the “Big O” project, you can pledge at least $5.

[Outex via Kickstarter]