Optrix XD5: Ultra-Rugged Action Camera Casing For iPhone 5 0

For those thrill-seeking individuals who don’t own a GoPro camera yet, but do have an iPhone 5 at hand, the Optrix XD5 might be the one you’ve been waiting for. Optrix describes their new casing as the first ultra-rugged housing specifically designed for the iPhone 5.

“Optrix is proud to unveil the world’s toughest case that disaster proofs the iPhone 5,” according to Optrix founder John Willenborg. “The XD5 is the only iPhone 5 camera system built for sports enthusiasts by sports enthusiasts.”


The XD5 features a “monocoque” protective unibody system that protects your iPhone 5 from drops of up to 40 feet. Aside from shock-proofing, the housing can also take your Apple device 15 feet underwater. For its specs, the XD5 is capable of recording wide-angle HD videos with its 175 degree lens and 1080p HD optics.

The ultra-rugged iPhone housing also features a new rail mounting system that makes the XD5 easily mountable on a helmet, bike handle mount, or chest mount. For video enhancements, Optrix offers an editing software app called VideoPro.


If you’re ready to transform your iPhone 5 into one tough action camera, go grab the Optrix XD5 for around $130.