Online Lighting Diagram 2

What lighting did you use for that shot?  One of the most common questions every photographer hear’s when showing his portfolio.  With the growth of the internet, free sharing of information and knowledge is a popular pastime and to explain lighting techniques there is few better ways that using a lighting diagram.  There are a number of options already online, but another tool just showed up and it looks promising.

Take this stock photography image which I recently shot a the Microstock Expo Conferance for example.

Attractive Model behind Blank White Banner
I could tell you there was a light on either side behind the model and one in front.  Or I could draw you a diagram like this

The tool lets you export the image in a number of formats and is free for private use but costs around $2.00 per diagram for commercial use.  There is a load of gear to add to your image including softboxes, beauty dishes, strobes, flashes, backgrounds etc.  Adding gear is actually quite fun and feels quite like playing the Sims 🙂

Overall, a good experience.  One negative however,  I had problems with only the background showing up in the final image (lights and camera disappeared) and ended up just taking a screenshot to get my diagram including all the gear I added, hopefully they get that fixed soon.

[Lightingdiagram via Petapixel]