Olympus teases us with new campaign for upcoming OM-D camera 0

“Oh! My Goodness!”

That’s the new slogan by Olympus that you’ll find in the back cover of Amateur Photographer magazine’s current issue.

The full page ad contains text that seems like a lyrics of a pop song at first glance. While it doesn’t say much about the new camera, the ad encourages you to capture the QR code or send a text message or register for email alerts to get updates.

Pre-registering also gives you the chance to be invited to the official unveiling of the Olympus camera.

According to Photorumors.com, the campaign is related to the Olympus OM system. One of the clues is the highlighting of the letters “O” and “M” on the ad copy. Another clue is the line: “…the latest Olympus masterpiece in a long line of design classics”.

The OM system was a series of 35mm SLR cameras, lenses and accessories sold by the Japanese company between 1972 and 2002.

Also, Olympus, which by the way is currently caught up in a corporate scandal, registered the Olympus OM-D trademark on Jan. 3, 2012. The OM-D moniker might be the name of the new camera.

And if it’s indeed the OM-D, I wonder why the marketing guys at Olympus didn’t highlight the letter “D”. Hmmm.