Olympus Outs New Lens That Also Functions As A Body Cap 0

Along with the announcement of new cameras and lenses at Photokina 2012, Olympus also revealed a new pancake type of lens that doubles as a body cap. To simply put it, it’s a body cap lens. It’s similar to the X-Cap in functionality but more convenient because it’s already a lens by itself.

The camera lens is a MFT-mount 3-element 15mm f/8 with focal length equal to 30mm. It doesn’t add more bulk when attached to the camera. Actually, it only adds only 9mm of thickness.

Here’s a sample photo from a camera using the Olympus body cap lens:

The Olympus 15mm pancake lens is going to be available this coming October for around £70. Although, the suggested retail price for the U.S. consumers is not yet known.

What do you think of this unique lens from Olympus?