Olympus Outs Google Glass-Like Wearable Display Prototype 0

It looks like wearable devices are the latest fad these days. With just days after Google’s announcement of the Project Glass, Olympus is now joining the fray with their own pair of glasses dubbed as the MEG4.0.

Ironically, the MEG4.0 doesn’t sport a camera, considering that Olympus is one of the world’s biggest camera manufacturer. Anyhow, the wearable prototype is capable of interfacing wirelessly with smartphones via Bluetooth connectivity. For its display, the MEG4.0 uses a 320×240 QVGA screen. It also features a built-in accelerometer and a battery life of up to eight hours.

If you think Olympus is just joining the latest hype made by Google, you might want to think again because Olympus has been testing wearable prototypes since 2005.

With all these new developments in the wearable gadgets category, I can’t wait for other tech companies to announce their own versions of these glasses-mounted gears. By the way, Sony is already developing a hi-def wearable camera.

Is it already time for GoPro to up the ante? What do you think?

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