Olloclip: “Cheap” iPhone lens adaptor 0

So you’ve decided that you want a high quality triple lens add on for your iPhone/iPhone4 but not really looking to fork out the standard ridiculous tax that threatens your wallet with figures reaching the hundreds of €’s or $’s? Then check this out. I’ve spotted a couple of reviews about Olloclip over the past number of weeks, and each has been pretty good… Especially with a very economical price tag attached… And even though some people really just like to pay more for things, some people out there might have the economic sense to realize that if you save your money on some things, you will have more to purchase other things. I know, I know, it’s a crazy concept.

Coming as a quite small, aluminum clip on double lens (one fish-eye, one macro lens), and a wide angle adaptor to clip over the macro, should you so wish it, the adaptor comes across as durable, functional, and long lasting. So getting out there and constantly taking photos of absolutely everything you lay your eyes upon whilst using the fish eye lens paired up with the uber-hipster Polaroid App (Skip to 1.01mins NSFW!!!) has never been so easy.  Also, I must say, this adapter still looks good even though it doesn’t protrude from the back of your phone like a long distance sniper rifle scope, and much more practical too.