Nolab Digital Cartridge Gives New Life To Kodak Super 8 0

The Kodak Super 8 cinema camera is a popular film format camera that uses proprietary film cartridges to take videos back in the days. And when digital took the spotlight, film cameras took a back seat and became collectibles.

Enter Nolab’s Digital Super 8 project, a 5MP image sensor that’s designed to bring back the glory moments of your Kodak Super 8. It’s basically a digital cartridge that takes out some of the hassles that are associated with film.

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Using the Nolab cartridge, you can capture 720p HD footage with a native aspect ratio of 4:3. Videos are stored into a removable SD card.

The creators of the Nolab Digital Super 8 Cartridge are already working on a prototype of the said project.


For the meantime, just leave your old Kodak Super 8 on its display shelf.

[Hayesurban via Imaging Resource]