No More Velcro – TrekPak Insert Uses Pins Instead 5

The Kickstarter Campaigns list continues to grow. We’ve had the incredible Galileo iPone mount, the TriggerHappy app, the KillShot “rifle,” and now, the TrekPak Camera Bag Insert that is finally doing away with the bane that is Velcro.

To be honest, I don’t know why someone didn’t replace the velcro system of sectioning off a camera bag years ago, but I suppose it doesn’t matter because the folks at TrekPak – all 3 of them – have finally done it; and in an ingenious, very clean way. Instead of using velcro to put section partitions into your camera bag, the TrekPak Insert uses pins which slide into the tops of each divider and the surrounding edge.

The result is a much neater – and probably much quieter – arrangement of your most prized photography possessions.

As of right now the inserts are made for Pelican bags, and a $23 pledge to their campaign (they’re aiming to reach $15,000) will get you inserts for a small sized case. They’ve already reached almost $10,500 and they still have 27 days to go, but don’t wait, because once the campaign succeeds – and I have no doubt that it will – you’ll be paying twice as much to rid your life of Velcro.

[TrekPak Kickstarter via Gizmodo]