No More Shaky GoPro Videos With Handheld Stabilizer STABiLGO 0

Last April, Freefly’s MōVI made quite a buzz online with their revolutionary camera stabilizer. However, the device is designed for big cameras and not for the likes of GoPro shooters. That’s the reason why two cinematographers, Michael Boczon and Christine Reilly, from New York started the Kickstarter project named STABiLGO to give the GoPro camera its own stabilizer. The STABiLGO is a portable, handheld device with a motorized stabilizer, high-speed processor, and gyrospopic sensor. It weighs just 1.5lbs with a GoPro, and lasts around 90 minutes on full battery charge. Overall, the STABiLGO allows its users a pitch movement and roll movement of 180 degrees and 270 degrees, respectively. If you want to take first-person action sport shots to the next level, then help the project by pledging at least $7 or more. According to its makers, the retail price for one STABiLGO would cost somewhere between $600 and $700. While the project hasn’t reached its funding goal, yet, Boczon said that he intends to move STABiLGO to full production even without money from Kickstarter.

stabilgo stabilgo-1 stabilgo-2

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