Nikon’s Image Sharing and Storage Service ‘my Picturetown’ Gets an Upgrade 0

We’ve seen several websites launched lately that are targeted at photographers. One example is PixelPeers, which is both a tool and a social networking site that has made is easy for professionals to make connections and display their work.

Now this isn’t necessarily new, but Nikon has upgraded their image sharing and storage service (called my Picturetown)¬†with more features that make sharing photos easier. A lot of new functions have been introduced that make it easier to link user accounts on the site to their profile pages on Facebook. For example, users can now post links of photo albums directly to Facebook, and post to or play Motion Snapshot files from Facebook as well.

Nikon my Picturetown

You can sign up for a free account and get up to 2 gigabytes of storage for all your photos, or opt for a Gold account for larger storage options.

Here’s a list of other features to expect from my Picturetown:

  • Links to shared albums can also be posted to Twitter or sent via e-mail
  • New design templates for shared albums have been added
  • Facebook app (an application that allows users to view photos and shared albums posted to Facebook)

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