Nikon’s Big Mistake: Manufacturer Uses Canon Footage in D800 Promo Video 1

The people in charge of advertising over at Nikon are probably going to get an earful after this big blunder. You might have already seen the promo video for the Nikon D800 that the manufacturer showed at a launch event in Thailand last month, which an attendee recorded and subsequently posted on YouTube.

There’s nothing wrong with the video per se, which features a montage of artistic shots and timelapse sequences throughout. The huge problem is that some of the footage that was featured was not shot using the D800.

Remember the sequence with the snowboarders? That was actually shot using a Phantom HD Gold high-speed camera, which is obviously not something Nikon made. And the crazy thing is that it’s not even a DSLR camera.

In addition to that, various scenes in the clip were the work of landscape photographer and film-maker Terje Sørgjerd, who shot them using a Canon 5D Mark II. The Norweigan took to his Facebook page when he saw the Nikon video, writing:

“A bit surprised to see Nikon using some of my video clips in the world launch of the Nikon D800 camera….without contacting me. Especially since Canon is one of my sponsors, and I use a 5DII.”

However, we give props to Nikon for acting swiftly and resolving the issue with Sørgjerd, who updated his Facebook page with the following message afterwards:

“I want to thank Kimito Uemura & Nikon for taking swift action, and resolving this issue quickly. They have taken every step to have the video removed, and will do everything possible to avoid this from happening again in the future. The matter is now fully resolved between the two of us.”

Looks like Nikon needs to have a serious talk with their PR or advertising guys to prevent embarrassing blunders like this in the future.

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