Nikon Unveils Compact LED Light Accessory For Nikon 1 Camera 0

For those who own Nikon’s mirrorless camera system, you might be interested to hear about the LD-1000 LED Light for the Nikon 1 system. The camera accessory is attachable to the camera’s tripod socket using a bracket.

And yes, you can use the LD-1000 as a stand-alone light source. Nikon says that the LED light is mainly designed to “be used to light still images and movies recorded at close distances.” The unit is also ideal for tabletop photography.


Here are some of the key features of the LD-1000:

  • Diffusion panel for soft light that enables natural rendering
  • Continuous lighting, the degree of which can be confirmed during shooting
  • Removable bracket for lighting from any angle

The LEDs and diffuser of the LD-1000 are powered by four AAA batteries. The unit is also compatible with any COOLPIX compact digital cameras (equipped with a tripod socket).


You can get the LD-1000 for $99.95┬áin either white or black color — once it becomes available for purchase in October.

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