Nikon Sweden confirms March 15th shipping date of the D4, Digitutor page is now live 0

It seems that Nikon can’t keep itself mum anymore with regards to the rumors spreading about the shipment delay of the new D4 camera. Nikon Sweden officially released an announcement that the March 15, 2012 shipping schedule is going to push through.

The Nikon Sweden email confirming the March 15th shipping date.

Here’s the translation (thanks to Nikon Rumors) of the email sent by Nikon Sweden:

On January 6 Nikon launched the D4, the ultimate tool for professional photographers who daily push the frontiers and meet new challenges. The new system camera in Nikon FX-format delivers image quality, speed and accuracy in a completely separate class of its own, regarding both still and motion images.

Today, Nikon can confirm that the D4 will be available for sale on March 15, 2012.

If you feel that the D4 is a camera for you, we recommend you to contact one of our selected PRO distributors for ordering and delivery schedule.

Before launching the D4, photographer Corey Rich was asked to make a film with the camera, to bring it to the test and show what it can do. The film “Why” is a documentary on some of the best extreme sports athletes. They explain what’s keeping them going, why they are pushing themselves and expose themselves to the risks. Share their passion here.


In related news, the Nikon D4 Digitutor, which is a D4 tutorial page, is now online.