Nikon Releases version 2.3.1 of ViewNX Imaging Software 0

Nikon has a lot of balls in the air this time of the year, announcing new cameras, lenses, firmware updates, and of course, software updates. The manufacturer is also set to announce three more cameras this year to keep their momentum going.

The latest Nikon software to get tweaked is the image browsing and editing program called the ViewNX, a program which supports both Nikon DSLRs and Coolpix cameras that come with USB support. ViewNX makes it convenient to transfer still images and videos as well, as it has been integrated with Nikon Transfer 2.

Nikon ViewNX 2.3.1

Version 2.3.1 of ViewNX adds support to Nikon’s waterproof and shockproof Coolpix S30. You might recall that the camera maker also released other Coolpix models in the line including the S3100 and another shock and waterproof camera that was geared towards kids.

The upgraded version of ViewNX will also support the voice messaging functionality of the S3o: when taking shots, users can decide to attach a voice message to their images using the “Leave a message” and “Leave a reply” options. Using Transfer 2, the two voice messages will be transferred as a single .wav audio file.

You can download Nikon ViewNX v2.3.1 here.

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