Nikon Officially Unwraps The D4s DSLR Camera 0

The development of the Nikon D4s DSLR shooter was announced by the Japanese camera maker last January of this year. And today, Nikon proudly unveiled the highly-anticipated D4s to the public. The new camera, which is an upgrade to the Nikon D4, features 16.2MP sensor, faster EXPEED 4 processor, improved autofocus system, and 1080p video at 60fps. When it becomes available on March 6th, the Nikon D4s will come with a price tag of $6,500.

nikon-d4s-dslr-camera nikon-d4s-dslr-camera-back nikon-d4s-dslr-camera-side nikon-d4s-dslr-camera-side-2 nikon-d4s-dslr-camera-top

Here’s an excerpt from the official Nikon press release:

MELVILLE, NY – Announced today, the new Nikon D4S establishes itself as the premier HD-SLR available to professionals; unrivaled with its combination of incredible speed, accuracy, low-light performance and exceptional image fidelity. Designed for the most demanding photographers and multimedia professionals in the world, the Nikon D4S improves upon the revered D4 to give users enhanced image and video quality, improved autofocus (AF), faster performance during and after capture in addition to an astonishing ISO range.

Also announced by Nikon are camera accessories Nikon Quick-Draw Strap and Quick-Draw Strap S. On the software side, Nikon released the new Capture NX-D RAW Image Processing and Adjustment application.

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