Nikon Eliminating the Middle Man – Sets Up Online Store in Europe 0

mentioned a month ago that Nikon is outperforming Canon of late because of their ability to innovate and approach their consumers in unique ways – Nikon is at the very least advertising, if not offering, an experience rather than simply providing world class hardware.

Moving right along these lines Nikon Europe, with help from Hybris Software, is now officially setting up an online store for their European customer base.

To be fair, the store doesn’t entirely eliminate the middle man as the title implies, as it will incorporate both B2B (Business to Business) and a B2C (Business to Consumer) aspects – but regardless, this move could mean a large drop in sales for established online photography retailers such as B&H Photo.

In a press release, the Head of Direct Sales at Nikon Europe Lauren Christen explained the motivation behind this move:

“This is our first official pan-European-driven direct sales initiative. It’s a strategic tenet of Nikon’s commercial strategy that enables our loyal dealers to purchase Nikon gear online, provides our assortment of imaging products directly to consumers across the Continent, and supports better our nationally based distributors. This is a truly multichannel scheme – not only does it underpin our online B2C and B2B businesses, it also includes sales over the phone and our internal Nikon store which provides merchandising and PoS materials to our multiple European geographies.  For a multichannel program on this scale, hybris was the ideal technology partner for us to help facilitate this.”

While the B2B side of things seems to be the most “revolutionary,” allowing dealers to streamline the ordering process and receive personal pricing info in real-time; the B2C “Nikon Store” section of the site (which is already set up in Germany) has me most curious. If things go well, this direct connection between Nikon lovers and the company they love could mean the changing of online photography retail as we know it.

We would love to hear what you think though. Do you think the Nikon Store will take off? And if so, what does that mean for online photography retailers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Photoclubalpha via NikonRumors]