Nikon DF: The Official Name Of Nikon’s Rumored Full-Frame Retro Camera 0

Another development in the Nikon full-frame camera rumor story: the new retro FX DSLR camera is going to be called Nikon DF, which stands for “Digital Fusion”. So it means Nikon D4H is out of the window. And that’s not all. Nikon Rumors also revealed that all specs previously leaked were all fake.


Fortunately, new info were added today to fuel the fire again:

  • The AF system of the Nikon DF will be most likely the same as in the D610 with 39 points.
  • The Nikon DF will have settings for 1:1, 3:2 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The strange part here is the 16:9 ratio since the camera is expected not to have video.

Plus, Cameraegg discovered that Nikon Imaging has already created a product page for the alleged Nikon DF with “Pure Photography” label.

Update: The said page was already taken down.


[Nikon Rumors via Cameraegg]