Nikon D800’s Image Sensor Ranked Number 1 by DxOMark 0

When the Canon 5D Mark III came out, many of us stifled a sigh at the megapixel number attached to the camera. Of course megapixels are far from everything, but with Nikon’s D800 strutting about carrying a whopping 36.3, many of us have been holding out hope that Canon might be holding back a 5DX – a higher megapixel offering.

Unfortunately for Canon, it looks like it’ll take a lot more than a bunch of MP’s to get past the D800; because as of today the D800’s sensor has received the highest mark ever given by equipment rating company DxOMark.

The review is, understandably, glowing. Other cameras that are even within reach of the D800’s ranking cost many times more; and even the D800’s big brother, the D4, only managed to scrape out the second best ranking (a newsworthy achievement, until today that is).

To quote DxOMark, the company said that the D800’s sensor is a “complete success in every sensor-related respect” while also boasting an “unmatched quality-to-price ratio.”

The charts and graphs speak for themselves, but if you’ve been on the fence regarding which full-frame offering to pick out, and our specs comparison still leaves both cameras equally matched in your eyes, this may just be the review that tips the scales in Nikon’s direction.

[DxOMark via PetaPixel]