Nikon D800E DSLR Shipments Begin Arriving & Unboxing Videos Hit The Web 0

As is usually the case with any new product, the Nikon D800E has been listed as out of stock on many popular retail websites including This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the D800E only just recently hit the market surrounded by much hype. However, while many shipments are sure to still be in transit, one lucky YouTuber by the name PeterGregg managed to get his hands on one early.

Upon discovering the surprise delivery, Peter did what any enthusiastic photographer would do: he posted an unboxing video for us all to drool over. From the looks of it, the contents seem pretty standard except for the included Nikon’s Capture NX2 software — an application that our sources say won’t come with USA units.

While this video does give us a look at what’s in the D800E’s box, it may not entirely familiarize you with what’s different between it and the D800 if you aren’t already. Priced at $3,299, the D800E is, quite obviously, a modified version of the D800 which includes an optical anti-aliasing filter and a low pass filter. These two features together help the D800E produce extremely sharp photographs which Nikon says can be even further improved with software such as the above mentioned Capture NX2.

As we previously noted the Nikon D800E is out of stock pretty much everywhere. On the bright side, if you managed to get a pre-order in before stock ran dry, this unboxing should definitely give you hope of an early delivery.