Nikon D800 shipping date confirmed; technical guide now available for download 0

We recently reported a rumor here at TogTech that the Nikon D800 was going to start shipping on March 20th, 2012. That speculation was very close to the mark as Nikon France has now confirmed the date: March 22nd, 2012. Aside from the D800, Nikon is also going to ship the D4 and D800E in March and April, respectively.

According to their official Twitter account:

“Le D4 sera commercialisé à partir du 15 mars 2012. Le D800 à partir du 22 mars et le D800E à partir du 12 avril.” (The D4 will be sold from March 15, 2012. The D800 from March 22 and D800E from April 12.)

While waiting for the Nikon D800 to arrive, you can download first the technical guide, which is now available here.

In related news, Nikon is also set to release three more DSLR cameras within this year.