Nikon D700 and D300S, Now Officially Discontinued 3

There’s a lot of anticipation for Nikon’s yet-to-be-announced D800. Aside from photos, the specs for the D800 have also already been leaked.

Since we all know that the D800 is coming, it was probably only a matter of time before its predecessor, the D700, was discontinued. Now we might have seen that one coming, but few predicted that the D300S would also be simultaneously phased out.

Nikon D700 D300 DiscontinuedYou might be a bit surprised as well at the news, but Nikon’s updated list does not lie.

The two cameras will still probably be available at most camera shops for the next few months before stocks run out and before the next-generation cameras ship in. So if you’re interested in either of these models, then now is the perfect time to purchase them while you still can.

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