Nikon D4 Update: First Shipments Delayed Until March 15th 0

One of the highlights of at CES 2012 was when Nikon unveiled the D4. The shooter packed in a lot of features, with the most notable ones being its full-frame FX-format 16.2MP sensor and full HD recording capabilities.

In early January, some retailers began taking pre-orders for the D4, which they said would begin shipping out by February 16th. Nikon’s US press release also indicated that the D4 would be made available sometime in “late February.”

Nikon D4 Camera

However, multiple sources have come forward, saying that the date of its release will be pushed back to March 15th. The one-month delay was attributed to firmware bugs and not a hardware issue, as some people were quick to assume. The delay is expected worldwide, so it’s not specific to any country or region.

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