Nikon D4 Sample Shots from CandyBox Images 3

We mentioned in a recent post that the Stock Production Company CandyBox Images received one of the very first Nikon D4 units.  The CandyBox team were up late last night shooting with the D4, and have posted high res shots at every ISO.

Here’s a behind the scenes video from their shoot (shot on an iPhone)

And here are some small samples of their images.

Nikon D4 sample

Nikon D4 - f/2.2 @ 1/60 ISO 6400 : CandyBox Images

Nikon D4 sample 2

Nikon D4 - f/2.0 @ 1 ISO 100 : CandyBox Cmages

Hit up the CandyBox site to check out the high res shots; and make sure you click on the images to view the various ISO comparison.

[CandyBox Images]