Nikon D4 Pre-orders Now Available at $5,999.95 0

CES is slowly coming to a close with just one more day of the conference planned. Hardware and electronic manufacturers across the board made an appearance at the conference showing off everything from high end smartphones to technologically advanced toilets. Of course, the photography industry was also heavily touched upon by many different companies including Nikon, Canon and more.

While Nikon had a plethora of products on display at the conference the Nikon D4 was the true show stopper. As we told you, the D4 had officially been announced just prior to CES opening its doors but we were assured that there would be a ton more where that came from. Of course, given the fact that Nikon so heavily marketed the highly sought after camera during its original announcement there wasn’t much to be seen that we didn’t already know about.

Aside from all of this, you’re probably wondering when you can get your hands on the Nikon D4. The company had previously told us that the camera will debut this February with a $6,000 price tag. However, if you want to get a jump on the competition, you’re in luck. It’s just been noted that online¬†electronics¬†outlet OneCall now has the Nikon D4 available for pre-order at $5,999.95

Unfortunately, an exact release date is not noted but as always we’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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