Nikon D3x also out of production? 0

In addition to last week’s report about the Nikon D3s being discontinued, the D3x is likely going to join Nikon’s growing list of discontinued products.

Romanian website F64 marked the Nikon D3x as “out of production” on their online store. This is the same website that first listed the D3s as out of production last December.

Unlike the D700’s price, which dropped to $2,199.95 from $2,699.95, the D3x still has a price tag of $7,999.95.

These recent developments from Nikon are not in the least bit surprising, given that the upcoming D4 and D800 will only cost around $5,999 and $2,999, respectively.

The Nikon D4 is going to be available on March 15th, while the D800 will start shipping on March 20th.