Nikon D3S Possibly Discontinued 0

With the D4 about to ship and the kind of stunning performance that even cheaper (though certainly not cheap) cameras like the D800 and D800E are boasting, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that the D3s seems to have taken its final curtain call.

Nikon Rumors reported earlier today that Nikon USA has removed the camera from its DSLR lineup (pictured above). When the rumor site posted the news, Adorama still had a few in stock; unfortunately the case has since changed, leaving shoppers with the message:

This item is currently back ordered from the Mfr. We have no estimated time of arrival for this item  Please note: You can order this now and have us ship it as soon as it arrives. We will not charge your card for any backordered items, until it is ready to actually ship.

Adding credence to the assumption that this isn’t just an internet mix-up, the Nikon Japan website has also listed the D3s as “discontinued,” making it seem all that much more likely that what’s out there is all that’s left (if there is, in fact, anything left).

And while it’s sad – and somewhat surprising – to see the D3s go on the discontinued list so quickly after being replaced; with the D4 weighing in at only 800 USD more than its predecessor (at a grand total of $5,999.99), even selling what’s left will likely prove difficult.


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