Nikon Addresses Setbacks and Future Plans in Magazine Interview 0

In an upcoming article printed in the “Japanese Digital Camera Magazine,” Nikon gives a review of 2011 and talk about their plans for the upcoming year. Nikon discusses how their digital camera department has been hard at work on the successors to their D3 and D700 models. The goals for the D700 successor (Nikon D800) will be to have a higher pixel count and resolution. For the new Nikon D4 model, expect the focus to be on speed and higher sensitivity.

The most obvious setback of 2011, according to Nikon, was the massive destruction from the Thai flood. The main Nikon factory was closed and all plans for new release announcements got pushed back from the fall to January. Full production is expected to resume March 2012. The biggest digital camera release for the company came in the form of the Nikon 1. This is the first camera system release in decades from Nikon based on a new mount.

By early next year, the specs, buying details and release dates are expected to be announced for both the Nikon D4 and D800 cameras.

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