Nikon 1 F-Mount Adapter Sees a December 22 Launch in Japan 0

Those with DSLRs who are slowly foraging into the world of mirrorless cameras have a lot to be happy about this season, especially those who own Nikon shooters. Olympus and Sony have already released respective adaptors for legacy lenses, and now Nikon is following suit.

Nikon 1 F-Mount Adapter

The FT1 adapter for the new Nikon DSLR system will go on sale on December 22 in Japan. It will retail for 23,310 yen, roughly around $300. You can use the FT1 adapter with your Nikon J1 or V1, which will enable you to use “almost all” F-mount lenses with your camera. Aside from that, the AF-S lenses will have the added benefit of being able to fully utilize the camera’s auto-focus system.

One downside, though, comes in the form of a 2.7x crop factor because of the relatively tiny sensor on the J1 and V1. Don’t expect to do some wide-angle setting with this setup in place, but at least you’ll be able to use your old lenses, right?

[The Verge via Peta Pixel]