NHK Has An 8k Video Sensor Capable of 120fps in the Works 0

Japan’s national broadcasting organization, NHK, has revealed that they are developing a sensor that is capable of capturing 8k video at 120fps. These chips will be able to support NHK’s Super Hi-Vision standard of 7680×4320 pixels, which is known as UHDTV. At 33 megapixels, this is over sixteen times higher than the resolution of current 1080p HD technology.

NHK Sensor

NHK is working with the Shizuoka University to develop the high-speed chip. Because of the high resolution, some difficulty was encountered in operating the chip; however, a newly-developed circuit signal output from the sensor and an AD converter circuit was able to allow high-speed operation.

The specs of the chip that NHK is set on developing are twice the current specifications that are currently applied with UHDTV technology. This news was revealed at the IEEE Internation Solid-State Circuit Conference that was held in San Francisco.

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