New Woven App Weaves Together All Your Images. 0

There’s a new free app on the market, and it’s pretty darn cool. It’s called “Woven,” and it basically gathers all of your photos from the multiple places you keep them (e.g. Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.) and displays them all in one place, allowing you to view all your images at once. It also works while you’re offline too — a nice plus.  This simple app is just a viewer, but when you’re on the go and want to be able to access all your photos, it’s a great tool to have.  It is quickly becoming popular with 30K+ downloads already.

With everyone belonging to an ever growing number of social networking sites it’s easy to forget about certain images, for some images to get lost, or even for us to actually forget where we posted a photo in the first place. Whether you’re a hobbyist, aspiring professional, or a pro photographer, chances are you have a ton of images on your social networking accounts. Woven will let you look at all of them in one spot, and perhaps remind you of some long-forgotten images, which would make for some nice trips down memory lane. And after all, isn’t that the point of photography: to capture and save memories?

Currently, the app is available for iPhone/iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and the Nook. Plus, did I mention, it’s free! I think we should all download it, I bet it’ll come in mighty handy sooner or later! And plus, their website says that more will be coming soon. It could be the start of something pretty promising.

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