New Sony Smartphone To Pack with 13MP CMOS Sensor 0

Sony’s rumored LT29i smartphone, aka Hayabusa, is reportedly going to feature a 13 megapixel sensor. And that’s not all, the new smartphone will have a “stacked” CMOS sensor for a much better low-light performance.

It’s called “stacked” because of the way Sony has put the sensor’s pixel section on top of the circuit area — which resulted to more section for the pixel without increasing the size of the sensor.

Aside from the “stacked” sensor, Sony also included two more unique features: the “RGBW Coding” and “HDR Video” functions.

The RGBW Coding method improves the images captured in low-light by adding a dedicated while pixel, as you can see in the sample below:

While the HDR movie, well, you’ll have to see the video below to be impressed:

With all these new innovations on smartphone cameras, there will come a time when smartphones will replace regular point-and-shoot cameras; and phoneography gradually carves out a new branch in photography. Or maybe it already has. What do you think?

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