New Photoshop CS6 Video Show Off 3D Manipulation & Blur Gallery 0

Depending on the task at hand, post production tends to require several programs to get the job done. For example, incorporating a rendered 3D object into a photograph is going to require software such as 3D Studio Max on top of, say, Photoshop. Video rendering will call for an additional program on top of the above mentioned – any further from there and things can start to get messy, not to mention expensive.

Luckily, Adobe seems to have taken this into account with the impending Photoshop CS6 release. Adobe has already released several videos giving us a look at things like video editing (yes, video editing entirely done within Photoshop). Today, however, Adobe has stepped forth once again to give us a glimpse of the forthcoming software with Sneak Peek videos #6 and #7.

Shown off in video #6, included above, is a feature Adobe is calling Blur Gallery. This new feature will take away the need for time consuming work, either behind the camera or in Photoshop, to create the look of shallow depth of field. As is made evident in the video, with just a few clicks, the photographer is able to easily blur the background and put the foreground into focus.

Alternatively, shown off in video #7 (above), is Photoshop CS6’s ability to manipulate 3D imagery. Utilizing nothing more than Photoshop CS6 Extended, a user can rotate a 3D object, apply a new texture, and even adjust the lighting. While it may not be the most complete 3D rendering solution, it will definitely provide enough functionality for most (depending on the task at hand).

All in all, Photoshop CS6 is definitely shaping up to be a version anyone involved with image manipulation won’t want to miss out on. Unfortunately, at this time, Adobe has not released a solid date on which Photoshop CS6 and the rest of the Creative Suite 6 will be released.