New Nuclear Camera Helps Detect Heart Disease 0

Did you know that the number of deaths in women caused by heart disease is more than breast cancer and lung cancer combined? And not only that, the disease is still the number one cause of death for both men and women. But the new D-Spect camera from Spectrum Dynamics is trying bring those numbers down.

The D-Spect nuclear camera is one of the advanced technologies in the medical field right now that’s helping our doctors in fighting heart conditions like coronary disease. Compared to other cameras of its kind, the D-Spect is much smaller in size and has the capability of taking the patient’s picture while sitting up, reclining, or lying down.


With the device, doctors are now able to retrieved diagnostic images of a patient’s heart in around 4 minutes without skipping a beat and with significantly less radiation.

“They’ll be able to be treated sooner, before they actually have damage to their heart muscle that becomes permanent,” states Dr.  Nicole Weinberg of Saint John’s Health Center, which is one of the two places in Los Angeles where you can find the camera.

If you want to find out more on how you can check your heart with the D-Spect Cardiac imaging system, you may visit the website of Saint John’s Health Center or the Pacific Heart Institute.

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