New Nokia Phones To Come With ‘EOS’ Branding, 41 Megapixel Camera 6

It looks like Canon will have to share with Nokia when it comes to “EOS” as the mobile phone company is reportedly launching two follow-up models to the 808 PureView, complete with EOS branding, according to PetaPixel.

Aside from the EOS name, the rumored smartphones are going to sport 41 megapixel sensors just like their older brother. However, they will have to carry different processing power: one will have the quad-core Snapdragon 800, while the other will only have dual-core. Other than that, the two devices will both feature an AMOLED screen, flash unit of Xenon and LED, variable aperture lens, optical image stabilization, and microSD card slot for storage.


There are still no specific dates on the announcement of the upcoming Nokia flagship smartphones. Report has it that it’s going to be available on AT&T for the first three months and will be available to the rest of the market after the third month.

Do you think Nokia is going to sell more smartphones with the EOS branding?