Never Stick Another Post-It Note With The Play Video Memo Pad 0

If you’re tired of having to stick Post-it notes on the fridge maybe Native Union’s The Play can help change things and bring the post-it note into the 21st century.

The Play is a mini video recorder/player with a 2.4-inch full-color display screen  — which, by the way, kind of reminds me of those ol’ beeper/pager units — that let you record three minute video messages using its front facing camera. It also features a magnetic back, which you can attach to any metallic surface.

I think its only disadvantage is that you can’t stick The Play to everything, unlike the Post-it notes. But if you just want to post this on your fridge, a perfect spot where everyone eventually ends up, then you’ll have no problem. And just like its nemesis, The Play is also available in different colors.

For just around $60.00, you can already start recording videos for your family and friends.